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HDAY 2018 - Drag Racing

HDay 2018
Drag Racing Coverage
Maryland International Raceway; Mechanicsville, MD

HDay is a prestigious Drag Race, Car Show, and lifestyle event held in the North East showcasing only Honda and Acura vehicles. This event attracts people from all over the country. Normally this event would take place at E-Town in New Jersey but I'm sure you have all heard that things are changing over there. HDay had to find a new venue for their event and Maryland International Raceway is where we landed.

Day 1 was off and on due to the weather where we saw rain and light snow. Jason Miller and his team were on point with track prep in a way I have never seen, but in the end mother nature took the win. We made the best of the day with the car show and I got to speak to a lot of cool people while trying not to freeze.
Day 2 was off to an early start full of action both on the track and at the car show with the sun out and the skies clear. The track was hot with a full day of racing. We saw a couple accidents, thankfully no one was injured. We even saw some one touch the 7's. The car show featured many clean cars from NSX's to Civic Type-R's.  This event was an experience I will not forget. I had a great time meeting so many new friends and getting coverage of all the cars. I love sharing my photos with you guys and I can't wait for the next one! Thanks to OGS1320 for putting together a great event. Check out the video and then photos that follow. Please comment below with your thoughts.


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