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TRC Street Kings 2020

TRC Street Kings
Palm Beach International Raceway; Jupiter, FL

What a day. I arrived at the race track at 8:30am and I could already see that the weather was going to be playing with us. We had showers on and off. Racing was scheduled to start at 10am. The drivers meeting was held and right as racing was going to start, it started to rain again. The issue with this is that every time it rains, the staff has to dry the track. We were finally able to start with some roll racing qualifying and some drag racing later in the evening after more rain. There was drifting going on all night but I never made it that way. Sad to say Mother Nature took the win and the event was rained out. Shout out to Javier from That Racing Channel for still putting on one hell of an event. Enjoy the photos from TRC Street Kong’s 2020.  Drop a comment below.

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