April Featured Ride

This Months Spotlight
Owner: @angelruiz735
Car: Honda S2000
Event: Tuner Evo Daytona Beach, FL 18'

In a show full of so many quality cars, this S2000 stood out from every single one with its "Spoon Sports" style. The moment i saw this car outside, i fell in love. When we pulled into the show I couldn't wait to meet the owner and speak to him. Angel Ruiz put a lot of attention into the details of this car. Just to start the body lines flow perfectly thanks to a Spoon Sports bumpers and carbon fiber lips.

This S2K rolls in style on Desomond Racing Regamaster Evo wheels.

This S2000 doesnt disappoint. The rear end is beautifully matched with a carbon fiber wing and titanium burnt exhaust tips.

This interior is on point with blue Recaro seats and Mugen shift knob.

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