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This Months Spotlight
Owner: @pass427
Car: Acura Integra
Location: STP Motorsports Dyno Tuning Session

So I get a phone call from Mr. Rodney and he says I'm going to the dyno tonight to tune and he proceeds to invite me to join in on the fun. I can't ever turn down  an invite to a tuning session, so I raced home, grabbed my camera bag and headed out for a drive. About 30 minutes later I arrived at STP Motorsports, a Dynojet Facility, run by master dyno operator Stefan.

Rodney's Integra is very unique. His Integra features a Turbocharged J-Series V6 engine swap. This car was once a winning race car but has been sitting for years. Rodney is now ready to bring her back to life and make the rounds at local events. We will be back soon with final Power numbers. Check out the build below and comment your thoughts!

Checkout the photos below:

Look closely and notice this car has two radiators for maximum cooling.

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